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About Kat

Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, CEO of Benefab Products

Kat Chrysostom is a native of South Carolina, with a lifelong passion for animals, business, and entrepreneurship. For the past eight years, she has been the founder and CEO of Benefab®, a highly-successful business specializing in wearable therapeutic products for both animals and people. Helping people is the calling that drives her business and enriches her life.

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“Your past doesn’t define your future.
It defines your purpose.”

— Kat Chrysostom

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Inspiration & Insight

Come From Experience

It’s a well-worn myth that inspiration strikes like lightning, out of the blue. We like to believe that great ideas arrive with little to no effort, and come from our being, who we are. But hard work and experience are the real catalysts for insight and inspiration. That’s why Thomas Edison opined: “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

In any creative endeavor, what you’ve learned, what lessons you bring to the table make a big difference, sometimes the difference between failure and success. Kat Chrysostom has learned how to succeed the hard way, by overcoming obstacles, through facing professional and personal adversity. Her fervent advocacy for success was born in the crucible of hardship and competition.

If you, your group, organization, or company are looking for direction and insight on the hard business or personal development problems you face day to day, whether that guidance be via presentation or interactive hands-on workshop, consider getting in touch today.

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