Equine PodcastWelcome to Episode 3 of Parables: Life Lessons From A Horse

Today, we are talking with Pat Parelli about love, language and leadership. There is an unspoken language between humans and animals, but to many people, that language is foreign and can be frustrating. When we are present and connected, the language barriers disappear. Kat Chrysostom saw this happen in real-time with Para. After being with multiple trainers that could not solve his puzzle, he became defensive and was acting as any prey animal would. If you haven’t listened to Para’s story, you can listen to his story here

Through love, language and leadership, Pat Parelli solves this dilemma. Pat is the Ceasar Millan of the horse world and has revolutionized  the equine industry with his philosophy of Natural Horsemanship. Using  love, language, and leadership, Pat has helped over 700,000 students in 72 countries develop safe, ethical and effective partnerships for life.